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Product Advancement

Improved Cookware Support Bars

November 2015

Here are the new and improved Cookware Support Bars (6 pieces). They now come laser cut made from 4mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate Steel just like The Wedge Fire Pit & Camp Cooker. They have a unique notch on one edge which securely locates them in position when in use. The notch is faced down and when slid into position will lock and secure each bar. The cross sectional bars (4 pieces) have a notch at 45 degrees and the longitudinal bars (2 pieces) have a notch at 90 degrees. Now the “ORIGINAL” “FLAT PACK” fire pit & camp cooker THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER just got even better. They also very importantly retro fit all existing fire pits sold. They come as standard in all Ultimate Combo Kits.

Available separately for $50.00 a set of six pieces from you nearest distributor (if stocked).

With postage anywhere in Australia for $75.00

New Product

Windshield Hot Plate Adapters

September 2015

Sold as a pair these handy adapters or brackets are “hot off” the laser cutter here at SLOT ME IN. They will turn your hot plate when not in use into to a handy windbreak on THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER. They can be used on the long or short sides or both creating an effective windbreak.

Made to retro-fit all of our previous WEDGE FIRE PITS & CAMP COOKERS sold, they simply “slot in” with unique notches to hold them in place. In keeping with our design philosophy and our invention no tools or fixings are required for their installation or removal. So to was the design criteria to make an existing product have multiple uses (that being our hot plates). They are made from the same BlueScope® 4mm thick Xlerplate® steel that the fire pit is constructed from and 100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie material and 100% Aussie owned.

You can now use your existing hot plate as a windshield with the addition of a pair of these unique WINDSHEILD HOT PLATE ADAPTERS. The hot plate simply slots into the two horizontal notches that protrude through to the outside of the fire pit. The hot plate will not fall out if it is bumped in either direction. It has to be removed by hand disengaging it from our unique safety notches. (Please use the safety/heat resistant gloves provided in all our “Ultimate Combo Kits” to do so).

So now whether you are just sitting by the fire or cooking say with the rotisserie/spit you can now position THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER in annoying windy conditions and use your hot plate as a windbreak to maximize heating and cooking temperatures. They also make a handy place to store your hot plate when set up at camp for extended periods. The hot plate will be vertical, off the ground and ready to use when required.

Available now for $15.00 a pair from your nearest distributor (if stocked).

With postage anywhere in Australia included $25.00 a pair or $40.00 for 2 pairs.

New Product

Hexagonal Spit Rotisserie Basket (304,18/10 Stainless Steel) to suit 8mm rotisserie shafts

August 2015

Here is the latest addition to our range of accessories for The Wedge Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™. A hexagonal basket to hold any combination of meats or vegetables whilst being used on the rotisserie.

It measures 330mmL x 160mmW x 160mmH and suits all our 8mm shaft rotisseries. You simply load up the basket with all your produce and close it up so they are all inside and secure. It can be used at the same time you use the Stainless Steel Bar Grill just as like our Multi Adjustable Spit Rotisserie Basket can so you can maximize your cooking capacity.

Now available for $45.00

New Products

Stainless Steel 304, 18/10 Hot Plate & Grill/Hot Plate Combo

June 2015

Our two unique hot plates are now available in 304, 18/10 Stainless Steel.

They are the same size as the existing Xlerplate Steel ones, 535mm L x 310mm W x 32mm H. The thickness is 3mm and weight approximately 4.8kg.

Now available for $139.00 Full Hot Plate and $149.00 Grill/Hot Plate Combo.

Made here in Australia by SLOT ME IN from 100% Aussie material