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New Product

SMI Aussie Oystrer Tray™

October 2016

Wow up to two dozen (24) oysters can now be cooked in your favourite style all at once and served up on our new SMI AUSSIE OYSTER TRAY™ with the brand new release of this inverted hot plate having 24 neat laser cutouts to accommodate those tasty critters, keeping them secure and in position whilst cooking without falling over and spilling their precious cargo. There are grab/carry handles at each end also and it is designed to rest across the cookware support bars on either THE WEDGE or WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKERS™ for grilling/cooking in their shells over red hot coals. It has also been designed to fit neatly under our new SMI AUSSIE BUSH OVEN & SMOKER™ (released this month also) so you can cook oysters with similar results rivaling and surpassing conventional hooded bbq’s and the like, even smoking them.

Of course it’s not just limited to cooking oysters you can also try your hand at cooking tasty scallops in their shells as the shells will neatly sit in the cut outs and remain level. Another use is for spuds in their jackets and corn on the cob wrapped in foil supported in the cut outs also. I’m sure there are going to be loads of uses we haven’t even thought about by all those inventive cooks out there.

Even if you don’t cook over fire the new SMI AUSSIE OYSTER TRAY™ can still be used on your bbq, in the oven or under the grill at home. It will be great for entertaining, dinner parties and family get togethers also as you can say cook up six different recipes with four of each for example. What’s more it will be a hit in the preparation of oysters in restaurants for its simplicity and generous capacity.

This great little number from SLOT ME IN™ even has room in its centre to rest sauces and garnishes on once served out on the table where hungry mouths can add their own combinations to create unique taste sensations.
Technically speaking now it measures 490mm long x 290mm wide and 32mm high with the 24 cutouts in a teardrop design. It is made from 100% Aussie material and by us here at SLOT ME IN™ right here in Australia using 3mm thick 304, 18/10 food grade stainless steel (the same steel as our stainless steel hot plates which suit our WEDGE or WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKERS) and weighs 2.95kg.

It’s built tough and robust and can handle open fire cooking with a quality you can trust from SLOT ME IN™ tried and tested cookware and just may even be a world first Aussie made oyster tray holding 24 with multiple additional uses and the versatility of chosen cooking mediums.

Available now for $150.00 from your nearest distributor (if stocked).

Happy cooking, camping and travelling all.

Cheers, Waz from Oz

New Product

RRPSCGBW Hood (SMI Aussie Bush Oven & Smoker™)

October 2016
rrpscgbw Hood

Well it has been on the “back burner” as to speak for a while now as we wanted it to be able to be used on both THE WEDGE & WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKERS™. Finally, after a lot of development we are proud to release the RRPSCGBW Hood (short for Roasting / Rotisserie / Pizza / Smoking / Cooking / Grilling / Baking / Warming Hood), yeah quit a mouthful we agree however the food coming from it is nothing short of mouthwatering.

This product  caters for a lot of different cooking styles and methods, designed specifically for use on our two contained open fires of which we invented the “original” take anywhere “flat pack” fire pit and camp cooker THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ here at SLOT ME IN and the subsequent larger sibling THE WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™.

If you have followed the development of accessories for these two fire pits then you will be aware that our design criteria is for simple “slot” together products that require no fixings or tools for assembly, have more than one use and are made here in Australia with quality Australian materials. The RRPSCGBW Hood is just that, a total “flat pack” and “slot” together hood effectively enabling THE WEDGE or WOMBAT’s to be used as “kettle” style “hooded” bbq’s or “bush ovens”.

The “hood” as we will call it here for now lets you roast, rotisserate, use as a pizza oven, smoke, cook, grill, bake and warm food effectively and efficiently with the minimum use of solid fuels, giving you an outdoor oven on our fire pits. Precision laser cut from 3mm thick mill finished Australian aluminium for a durable and robust life, easy to assemble in a matter of seconds from a “flat pack” of 533mm x 428mm x 15mm high and a light 6.1kg in total weight. It is a great addition to our outdoor cooking range and a real “space saver” too considering the amount of options it provides.

There are two very ergonomic handles to lift it with (using heat resistant leather safety gloves if hot). It has a very large “daisy wheel” for ventilation on the top which you can adjust to regulate heat or smoke release or retention.

It can be placed directly over the top of the rotisserie when in use, resting on the cookware support bars even if using our Mutli-Adjustable Spit Rotisserie Basket on the rotisserie as there is a load of clearance under the “hood”, enough even for a large spit roast. Placed over the top of our Stainless Steel Bar Grill 320 model you can roast, smoke, grill, cook, bake and warm a huge variety of foods. It’s a great way to lock in all those flavours and juices in your foods, control the temperature from the outside elements and get that real smokey flavor as well if smoking foods. It’s great for retaining an even cooking heat, especially on cold and windy days when cooking outside, helping conserve your fuel by being far more efficient.

When not using it with the rotisserie (with the rotisserie brackets removed), both short ends become sliding doors enabling you to use it as a pizza oven from either short end combined with the Stainless Steel Bar Grill 320 supported underneath with the cookware support bars. The SMI Multi-Tool™ is used to lift the doors up with the hole in each short end being a lifting point, enough to slide in, remove or inspect the progress of your pizza’s. (Look out for our new pizza trays, Australian made in aluminized steel, both solid and perforated models, soon to be released for use on both THE WEDGE & WOMBAT’s combined with the “hood”). Not only just a pizza oven you can use it as an outdoor “bush oven” too roasting meats and baking vegetables, bread, cakes, scones, and a whole variety of foods. You can of course use the “hood” resting it on our hot plates as well and this is great when you just want to keep food warm with the minimum of coals being used, or to keep it covered from dust, rain or annoying insects.

When finished with just remove it from our fire pit (use leather heat resistant safety gloves or similar if hot), allow to cool and slide apart, wash, dry and store flat ready for its next use, it’s that simple. It will even fit into our canvas hot plate storage bag, along with the Stainless Steel Bar Grill 320 model and any one of our 4 different hot plates. A great way to keep all your cooking gear stored and transport, ready for use at camp or just at home in the backyard.

Very importantly it retro fits all previous WEDGE or WOMBAT’s sold prior too without any modifications whatsoever, so if you own one of these Aussie wonders from down under you are going to want this fantastic accessory that will make your bush cooking a gourmets delight. Take advantage of the special introductory price available for a limited time only. (Limit of one per customer for the remainder of October 2016).

Happy cooking and camping all, cheers Waz from Oz.

Available now for $199.00 from your nearest distributor (if stocked).

New Products

Cast Iron “Upper & Lower Level” Bar Grills

September 2016

We are now pleased to release 2 Cast Iron Bar Grills which will sit on the cookware support bars of THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ or WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ just like our Stainless Steel Bar Grills do already as an alternative option. Made from solid cast iron they can be used directly on THE WEDGE™ or WOMBAT to cook food on or support all types of fire suitable cookware (of which we have a huge range) and are the same measurements as our stainless steel ones. The smaller one measures 485mm x 240mm and is suitable to be used on both the upper and lower level cookware support bars of THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ and the larger one measures 485mm x 320mm and is suitable to use on the upper level cookware support bars of THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™. Both can be used on THE WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ together or on their own. Stay tuned for more great cookware releases in the remainder of 2016 and beyond, we have some very innovative products coming.

Available now, 240mm wide Cast Iron Bar Grill for $40.00 and 320mm wide for $50.00 from your nearest distributor (if stocked).

Special Offer

Sensational Spring Offer Giveaway

August 2016

To celebrate the start of spring we are giving away one of our “GRIP N FLIP” stainless steel bbq tools (long series worth $30.00) with each purchase from the SOLIDTEKNICS™ cookware range. Limit is one per customer and it will run for the month of September 2016. Go to our “Products” range under “Camping Cookware” then onto the link SOLIDTEKNICS™  for all the range available and pricing. Available Australia wide a small shipping fee applies to all orders not picked up direct from the factory. We ship worldwide, so don’t be shy come get your hands on arguably the best cookware in the world. It’s Aussie made from Aussie material and can be used on all heating sources from fire, gas, electric and induction. Unique pressed steel one piece and cast iron ranges available.